There's a little story I got to tell! 

And it goes a little something like this!

Ahh, where do I start. I am a walking talking testimony! A modern-day 'Rags to Riches' story...although I haven't quite reached the riches part yet. Hehe. 

Royal Rags was formed from the most humble beginnings. Believe it or not, this company was cultivated while homeless and living on the street. All I had to my name WAS my name and this dream yet and still I was determined to begin building this brand.

Half a year was spent walking the streets, poor and desperate for a job and miracle however, during that time, you never would have known the situation was what it was. I was always clean and SNATCHED! You would've never known we had slept outside of Tropical Smoothie or inside of a hotel bathroom the night before. I always made sure to tidy my hair and dress to impress as best I could. This is exactly where the name Royal Rags came from. It's a play on words and basically means, if you are royal, which all of you ladies are, you will still be royalty, regardless to what you are wearing. If all you have is a paper bag, well honey, throw some glitter on that bad boy, be fierce and SERVE in your paper bag! 


Life is tough but I don't need to look like it.

Ronni, Royal Rags Founder & Stylist

I knew I wanted to make a difference and create a standout brand that women like you know they can rely on to get not only superb quality merchandise but also top notch customer service, reliability and an all around uplifting experience. 

The items picked for our collections are unique and modern styles that you won't see your everyday boutique carrying. I like to be daring in my selections for you simply because, safe is boring. I am here to make you look good as f***, look better than you feel and all without breaking the bank. 

Step outside of the box sometimes and express yourself through your fashions! Don't follow the trend...set the trend!

Don't just wear outfits...create looks!