So! You woke up one day and decided you wanted to start a business and after hours and hours of pondering on what kind of business you want, you’ve settled on a boutique. You hit the worldwide web and scour for hours looking for direct links or even a hint to wholesale list or company or anything to get you started! Let me be the first to tell you…you will not find it. When I started my first company (a virgin hair extensions company) I went looking for help and advice and was met with some of the meanest replies. I say all that to say, no one is going to just give you the game much less point you in the direction you should go BUT, because I know where you are, I am offering a little help. Now, I also am not “giving you the game” but I think this will be a good start in the right direction. Still hit the web, network and get out there and hustle and find sourcing that fits your vision for your brand. 



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